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Event List

Navratri Celebration (G3 to G9)
  • Event Date: 23-09-2017

Aame Gujarati leherila lal..."

Students of Gr 3 to G9 celebrated navratri with their teachers in Anand Niketan School-Bhadaj campus today with a lot of zeal and excitement. We experienced one of the most colourful garba performances of all times!! The celebration started with divine Aarti which was initiated by our students of higher grades. Later students of all grades performed class wise  followed by combined garba performance of all grades!!! May the goddess of prosperity and happiness bless our children with abundance.

Navratri Celebration (K1 to G2)
  • Event Date: 22-09-2017

Time for celebration is on with Navratri. Let us all come together and pray to the almighty goddess of power and prosperity for a bright and happy future! Anand Niketan School – Bhadaj Campus wishes you all a very Happpy Navratri …


Today, students of K1 – G2 celebrated Navratri in school in their own colorful vibrant way. The program started with a divine grand Aarti followed by energetic and exuberant performances. May god bless our little children and fill their life with colors of happiness and prosperity…

Investitures Ceremony 2017-2018
  • Event Date: 05-09-2017

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, that you are a leader”  - John Quincy Adams.


On the fine morning of 5 September 2017, well deserving young talents of Anand Niketan School – Bhadaj Campus were bestowed with the responsibility of leading the school from the front with their commitment, confidence, and competence. The Investitures Ceremony was held with great enthusiasm and it was a solemn occasion where our young students were prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school.


Janmashtami Celebration 17-18
  • Event Date: 11-08-2017

With great Zeal and pomp Students of Anand Niketan Bhadaj Campus celebrated Janmashtami festival today. Our little butterflies and busy bees of K1 and K2 came dressed as Krishna and Radha on this occasion and entertained our school with their amazing performances. The teachers decorated the colorful Krishna Jhoola and the secondary students performed Matki Phod with great joy. Students of K1 – G2 then visited the Hare Rama Hare Krishna temple. The celebration ended with fresh ladoos in the form of Prasad.

Independence Day 17-18
  • Event Date: 15-08-2017

Let freedom never perish in your hands…Happy Independence Day to all!!!


Anand Niketan Bhadaj Campus proudly celebrated our 71 years of Independence today with the Students of G5 – G9, teachers and staff this morning. The honorable and distinguished chief guest for the event who proudly hoisted our nation’s flag this morning was Mr Dinesh Singh and Mr Shiv Kumar Chaudhary. Mr Dinesh Singh is a distinguished personality who has been a part of IRS since the year 2004 and now working as Additional Commissioner in Customs and GST. The students performed dance and sang patriotic songs. They also spoke about history of  Indian freedom and focused on the future of country by talking about topics like importance of Swattch Bharat Abhiyaan.  It was interesting to see students respond to questions asked regarding “What freedom means to them?” by our Principal Ms Vaishali Parikh. It was inspirational to see confident and assertive students and we know that our nation is in safe hands.



Foundation Day
  • Event Date: 01-07-2017

On 1 July 2017, we celebrated the birthday of Anand Niketan Group of Schools and it was a day etched with tradition and history. This day, we reflected on the early days of the school and how far we have come as a school community.

The day started with a Havan as our Foundation Day tradition followed by activities conducted by students of G5 to G9.


Annual Day
  • Event Date: 10-02-2017

The 4th Annual Day at Anand Niketan Bhadaj campus brought out of the value of humanity present in us in the current technological era on 10 th and 11th February, 2017. The students took various themes and presented the humanity in the techno world. It was a grade wise performance for the students of K-1 to Grade 3 while House Wise for the Grade 4 to 8.

The theme “BEING HUMAN” basically showed the effect of technology on Education, Health, family, Culture, Traditions, lifestyle etc. The students showcased their excellent talents and the audience was mesmerized with the amazing dance and drama performances of the students. The message was being human in the fast paced techno driven life.

Famous Gujarati movie Star Mr. Umang Acharya  graced the show as the chief guest for K-1 to Grade 3 Annual Day, while Famous Gujarati movie director Mr. Vijay K Patel was the chief guest for Grade 4 to 8 Annual Day.

Republic Day
  • Event Date: 26-01-2017

The 68th Republic day celebration at Anand Niketan Bhadaj started with all its solemnity and grandeur on 26th January 2017. The students saluted the national flag and pledged themselves to upholding the integrity of India. The school initiated “The Eco School” campaign. The teachers and students took a vow to support the Eco School programme. Waste management, water management, vegetable garden and bio-gas plant programme running in the school by Eco-school committee was explained by the Eco-school volunteers . Children promised to follow the project with the help of their volunteers. The programme concluded with the school song and National anthem.

Grandparents Day
  • Event Date: 07-01-2017

Today on 7th of January, 2017 ANBC took the opportunity to thank our Grandparents for their love and support by celebrating the “Grandparents Day”. The programme started with a prayer followed by dance performances by our K-1 & K-2 little ones. The pick of the whole event was the peppy dance moves shown by the grandparents when they danced with their grandchildren on stage. Later grandparents spent time in their grandchildren’s classes where they shared stories, participated in drawing and singing activities. Overall they were very happy to once again come to school and revisit their childhood. Whole atmosphere of our school was filled with love, joy and affection. Grandparents left the school campus with tears of joy in their eyes and left behind lots of blessings for us.

Sports Day G4 to G8
  • Event Date: 24-12-2016

On Saturday, 24th December 24, 2016 Anand Niketan Bhadaj Campus celebrated its 4th Annual Sports Day (Grade 4 to Grade 8) with full zest and enthusiasm.

Sports Day K1 to G3
  • Event Date: 23-12-2016

“Talents wins games, but team work wins champions”

On Friday, 23rd December 23, 2016 Anand Niketan Bhadaj Campus celebrated its 4th Annual Sports Day (K1 to Grade 3) with full zest and enthusiasm. 

Shri Shivkumar Chowdhary, trustee Manav Seva Sangh graced the event as the chief guest. The event pushed off with an energetic jogging performance by students of K-1 to grade 3. Students presented Aerobics, Karate and Skating performances. Students also participated in various track races designed as per their age group and for their skill development. Students displayed excellent demonstration of focus, strategy and above all team work.

The event concluded with the National Anthem.

40 Year Celebration of Manav Seva Sangh
  • Event Date: 18-12-2016

Anand Niketan Bhadaj campus congratulates our trust” Manav Seva Sangh” for completing 40 years of service to society.

Shri. O.P Kohli (Governor Shri of Gujarat) graced the event as the chief guest.  Shri Anil Mukim, IAS - Additional Chief Secretary, Prof. H.R. Bharucha – Prof. H.L Commerce Collage and Shri Chimanlal Agrawal – Renowned Businessman were the guest of honor for the event.



Night stay
  • Event Date: 18-11-2016

“No man is an island entire of himself.”

Quality time spent with their friends is always a memorable one, as kids hardly get such opportunities to be away from electronic gadgets.

Group work is important; it gives students the opportunity to learn from each other, teaches them communication skills and helps them develop interpersonal relationship skills. Keeping this in mind we organized a ‘Night Stay’ at our Campus on 18th November 2016.

Students of all grades went for field trips with their respective class teachers. Importance of Team Work was well understood during the activities like free play, decoration of lab, cutting vegetables and cooking. Students also enjoyed the magic show, visit to Hare Krishna Temple, campfire etc. Next day morning they departed the school with their parents after breakfast.

The students loved the quality time spent with each other.


Camp Out
  • Event Date: 18-11-2016

A glimpse of evening fun activities on the camp out day.


Children’s Day Celebration
  • Event Date: 16-11-2016

“The Most treasured heirlooms are the treasured memories of childhood” Childhood is the most unforgettable phase of life and this thought was refreshed when our teachers relived their childhood through Children’s Day celebrations on 14th November. Our teachers presented a special assembly for students on children’s day which comprised of dance, music, fun and frolic. A spark of joy was seen in students as they watched their teachers perform.

Diwali Celebration
  • Event Date: 26-10-2016

#SpecialAssembly #Portlog #Rangoli #ClassroomDecoration #DeliciousFood #FunMusic

A spirit of togetherness celebrated at our campus during the Diwali celebration.

Garba Celebration
  • Event Date: 12-10-2016

“Ya devi Sarvabhuteshu, Shakti rupena sansthitha… Namastasye, namastasye, namastasye, namo namaha...”

Navratri, a festivity of nine nights, was celebrated with a lot of pomp and fervor at Anand Niketan Bhadaj Campus on 1st Oct. The evening commenced with a harmonious Aarti- sung, played and organized, by ANBC Student Orchestra. The students of Gr.1-8 performed magnificently on famous tunes like Hey Shubharambh…, Gori Radha Ne Kalo Kaanh…, Indhana winwa gaiti mori saiyyar…, Bhai-Bhai…et al. The flamboyant shimmering costumes were an added attraction to the perfectly choreographed performances. The evening ended with the magnificent garba moves by parents on the tunes of Student Orchestra. 

Tanishq -
Teacher's Day Celebration
  • Event Date: 11-09-2016

 11th September was a fun Sunday, as our students attended the Teacher’s day event arranged by Tanishq Jewelers (Ahmedabad). The event started off with a theme based dance which portrayed the importance of a Guru in a student’s life followed by a comprehensive writing on the topic: “The role of Teacher in a student’s life.”


All students wrote very well comprehensions on the given topic, where Hriday Samdani of Grade 7 received the first prize, Jaishana Bindupriya got the second prize and Kalp Patel and Kaya Patel got the third prize.
Team Tanishq whole heartedly thanked the teachers and felicitated them with a monento.

Janmasthami Celebration
  • Event Date: 25-08-2016

Janmastami had always been a favourite festival among kids as it is celebrated to mark the birth of lord Krishna who is one of their favourite Gods. Our cute little krishna’s and gopi’s of grade 1 and 2 amazed the parents with their naughty and playful dance moves during today’s Janmastami celebrations.

The event commenced with a traditional Shri Krishna aarti, followed by dance performances by grade 1 and 2 students and then it concluded with “Matki Phod”. Students of grade 6, 7 and 8th showed great enthusiasm during the ‘Matki phod” event. 

Indepandance Day
  • Event Date: 15-08-2016

The spirit of freedom, joy and independence was in the air when students of Anand Niketan Bhadaj Campus celebrated the 70th Independence Day of our country……..INDIA. Our Indian flag was unfurled by Mr. Virendra Rawat- Founder of Green School concept.

Students presented their devotion towards our brave Indian soldiers and our great freedom fighters by performing on patriotic songs. The stage also hosted an inter house singing competition and dance performances by Grade 3 creat
ors and explorers.

Mr Rawat, our chief guest for the event emphasized on the concept of green school, green nation. He shared many ways by which we can conserve our mother nature.